• Pei Tong

    Pei Tong

    Pei Tong (Malaysia/UK) Born in Malaysia, settled in Liverpool, UK. Now, a choreographer, dancer & teacher and co director of Movema for...

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  • Rithaudin Abdul Kadir

    Rithaudin Abdul Kadir

    Rithaudin Abdul Kadir (Malaysia) Rithaudin Abdul Kadir quest of delivering message via body movement have been captivating audience in almost a decade. A...

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  • Roger Soong

    Roger Soong

    Roger Soong (Malaysia) Roger Soong is a self-taught artist inspired by nature. His intricate drawings and paintings explore the possibilities of natural forms being pushed...

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  • Sim Hoi Ling

    Sim Hoi Ling

    Sim Hoi Ling (Malaysia) Sim Hoi Ling is an interdisciplinary artist whose praxis is influenced by photographic images, with her...

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  • Takashi Takiguchi

    Takashi Takiguchi

    Takashi Takiguchi (Japan) Takashi Takiguchi is an independent Creative Producer and an artist of Japanese heritage based in Naarm (Melbourne). He is a...

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  • Tessa Luminati

    Tessa Luminati

    Tessa Luminati (Australia)  Tessa is an actor/theatre-maker who began her formal training at Patrick Studios Australia graduating with a Diploma of Music...

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  • Tony Yap

    Tony Yap

    Tony Yap (Malaysia/Australia) Tony Yap, Malaysian born, is an accomplished dancer, director, choreographer and visual artist. He has been a leading figure...

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