• Lynne Santos

    Lynne Santos

    Lynne Santos (Australia) Lynne Santos has been a performance practitioner since 1987. She has been a member of Kinetic Energy, One...

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  • Meilia Shofa

    Meilia Shofa

    Meilia Shofa (Indonesia) Meilia is a long time traditional dancer. This time, together with Alif Laili Ramadhani, she has transformed traditional dance into...

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  • Mic Guillaumes

    Mic Guillaumes

    Mic Guillaumes (France) From his 72 years of life and 67 years of dance, it is impossible for Mic Guillaumes to...

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  • Mohd Asnari Taim

    Mohd Asnari Taim

    Mohd Asnari Taim (Malaysia) He was born and raised in Kota Belud, Sabah. When he was a child, He began dabbling...

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  • Peter Banki

    Peter Banki

    Peter Banki (Australia) Peter Banki, Ph.D. is an artist, scholar and community organiser. From 2016-2028 he produced the Festival of Death...

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  • Pei Ann Yeoh

    Pei Ann Yeoh

    Pei Ann Yeoh (Malaysia)  Pei Ann Yeoh is a violinist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has received degrees from Queensland...

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  • Pei Tong

    Pei Tong

    Pei Tong (Malaysia/UK) Born in Malaysia, settled in Liverpool, UK. Now, a choreographer, dancer & teacher and co director of Movema for...

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  • Rithaudin Abdul Kadir

    Rithaudin Abdul Kadir

    Rithaudin Abdul Kadir (Malaysia) Rithaudin Abdul Kadir quest of delivering message via body movement have been captivating audience in almost a decade. A...

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  • Roger Soong

    Roger Soong

    Roger Soong (Malaysia) Roger Soong is a self-taught artist inspired by nature. His intricate drawings and paintings explore the possibilities of natural forms being pushed...

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