• Deden Tresnawan

    Deden Tresnawan

      Deden Tresnawan (Indonesia) Born in Bandung, Deden Tresnawan was brought by his parents to watch art performances, as the Parent...

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  • Eiichi Tosaki

    Eiichi Tosaki

    Eiichi Tosaki (Australia) Dr Eiichi Tosaki is an artist, art historian, and philosopher. He has developed Bimanual Coordination Drawing (BCD) for...

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  • Feifei Liao

    Feifei Liao

    Feifei Liao (Australia) Feifei Liao was born and raised in China, currently based in Melbourne. She is a multidisciplinary lived- experience...

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  • Gopal Dalani

    Gopal Dalani

    Gopal Dalami (India) Born in Delhi, India and Of Nepalese origin, Gopal started his dance education at Voxpop Dancers India in...

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  • Ismaera Takeo Ishii

    Ismaera Takeo Ishii

    Ismaera Takeo Ishii (Japan/France) An improviser based on the earth, Improvises everyday somewhere on the earth. The name is intestine. However,...

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  • Iing Sayuti

    Iing Sayuti

    Iing Sayuti (Indonesia) Iing Sayuti (Tajudin) adalah penari Kontemporen kelahiran Cirebon 3 Oktober 1970 yang kini berdomisili di Indramayu Jawa Barat...

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  • Kar Kah Chan

    Kar Kah Chan

    Kar Kah Chan (Malaysia) Kar Kah is an interdisciplinary artist-researcher, choreographer, and educator. She is trained in Chinese traditional dance and...

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  • Kavisha Manzzella

    Kavisha Manzzella

    Kavisha Mazzella (Australia) Kavisha Mazzella AM is an Australian singer songwriter Choir leader and activist. She is a SHA accredited Integral...

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  • Kathleen Gonzalez and Grace de las Nieves

    Kathleen Gonzalez and Grace de las Nieve

    Kathleen Gonzalez Villamizar (Colombia) and Grace de las Nieves (Chile) Kathleen Gonzalez is a multi-medium experimental artist, choreographer, performer, intercultural art producer and founder...

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