Nuranani M Irman S SEn (Indonesia)

Nuranani M Irman who is known as “Nani Topeng Losari” is a traditional “Tari Topeng” dancer from West Java who’s been popularized “Topeng Losari”, which is inspired by his hometown region, Losari.

Nani graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from STSI Bandung and has been a dance artist for over 20 years. Nani has traveled the world to popularize Topeng Losari, which she made herself earn many recognitions, such as “Satya Lencana” from the 6th president of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, “Best Young Dancer” from the 5th president of Indonesia, Megawati Soekarnoputri, and many more awards at national and provincial levels.

Nani believed that preserving the Losari Dance is her calling and it isn’t an easy way to do. It requires much effort so that this traditional dance can be widely known by people from regional, provincial, national, to international levels. Nani believe that there will be youngsters who will be her successors in the future.

Takjub nusantara

(15 mins) – performance

Demonstrating the harmony in the diversity of Indonesia’s culture through collaborating performance called “Topeng Losari” with Putera Puteri Kesenian Indonesia.