Nini Gondrong (Indonesia)

Nini Gondrong is the stage name of a traditional dance and music artist from Aceh whose real name is Murdani. He was born in Banda Aceh on October 10, 1979. He founded a dance and music studio called the Rampagoe Art Studio and has been the leader of the studio since 2000. Since childhood, he has become an artist whose capacity is no doubt. He is often invited to perform at various events both locally and nationally. Even though he already has a lot of experiences, Nini Gondrong is never complacent and stops to keep practicing and progressing. Because art according to him is something beautiful, about feeling, which continues to be attached to him.

The Spirit of Acheh

(7 mins) – performance

Aceh has a diverse culture as a regional entity. One of them is diversity in the art of dance. The spirit of Aceh Culture combines the diversity of Acehnese dance movements which are elegantly mixed with body music and developed from traditional roots. This dance carries the spirit of preserving Aceh’s global dance culture