Ratungga Ayu Trinasari (Indonesia)

Ratungga Ayu Trisnasari was born in Kediri 28 years ago, and has been interested in dancing her entire life, especially traditional Javanese dance. Commonly referred to as Yungga. She frequently participated in theatrical productions and dance performances while working with numerous artists from diverse genres. She will give two performances at MAPfest in 2023: Njelmo and Tundung.

njelmo (Shapeshifting)

(10 mins) – performance

The body bound in a marriage relationship is not always the happy one, but also the wounded one. Tossed about. Destroyed. However, there is always a cure for a wound: love. Njelmo (Shapeshifting) is a work inspired by the classic Javanese romance Inu Kertapati and Candra Kirana. It is a story about the bittersweetness of married life. Not everyone can go through it, except those with a strong heart. Loss leads to the realization that the meaning of presence is so important.

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