Missmala Dance Crew

Mismala Dance Crew (Indonesia)

Missmala Dance Crew Studio is an art studio located in Ciledug Lor Village, Blok Pamosongan, RT 02 RW 01, Ciledug District, Cirebon Regency.

The Missmala Dance Crew Studio was founded on November 17 2017 in Ciledug-Cirebon founded by Tina Rosnawati, S.Pd. The name Missmala itself is the stage name of her grandmother, Hanayati Ismala. According to Tina, since her death, Missmala’s name began to fade, then he, who is the grandson of Missmala, had the initiative to continue the name, and a dance studio was established called the Missmala Dance Crew Studio.


The treasures and beauty of the world which were the hope, are now lost and destroyed by fate.

Close your eyes forever, because For a wife Loyalty is more honorable.

Topeng Kreasi Jaya Perbangsa & gandari

(25 mins) – dance performance

Konta Basma Spear, is a powerful weapon belonging to Adipati Karna which will be able to kill Arjuna. But Gatot Kaca, who knew about the threat, carried out his duty to defend the Pandavas, even though Gatot Kaca himself knew that Konta Basma’s Spear would kill him. “Pancén Perlaya” is his sacrifice as a Kshatriya to defend the honor of the Pandavas and their people. He carried out indiscriminate attacks, with a sad heart because he would be separated from his beloved mother, for the sake of justice for his country.