Rithaudin Abdul Kadir

Rithaudin Abdul Kadir (Malaysia)

With a bachelor degree in Performing Arts (Dance) from the University of Malaya, Rithaudin is trained with a strong background in traditional dance where he also travelled, performed and learned in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. For the past twenty years, he has been actively involved in numerous traditional and contemporary dance projects both as dancer and choreographer.

The breakthrough came in 2014 when he started to move away from the conventional performances and explore into conceptual and experimental works in site specific settings by developing a hybrid between Performance Arts and Performing Arts through the body of improvisation while still preserving the traditional imprint. With this new artistic expression, Rithaudin has regularly been invited to perform in numerous site specfic dance festivals locally and internationally. Rithaudin is also an active committee member of Mydance Alliance, the Malaysian chapter of the World Dance Alliance.


Pahit ke? Masam kot! Masin la.

(30 mins) – performance

This work experimenting movement based from what the performers ate. Other than facial expression, performer will expand the ‘feel’ to other parts of the body especially the limbs. Similarities and differences will be noted and further investigation with the audience will be engaged.

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