Lynne Santos

Lynne Santos (Australia)

Lynne Santos has been a performance practitioner since 1987. She has been a member of Kinetic Energy, One Extra Co., TOTO, Born In A Taxi, Teatro del’IRAA, Tony Yap Company and others. Lynne participates in the annual Impro-Exchange and TANK presented by De Quincey Company. She takes part in Precipice, an annual improvisation festival in Canberra. She performs works in various events in Melbourne and Sydney.

Lynne has continued her improvisation practice for over 30 years and has studied it in various settings including Butoh and Body Weather. She has utilised it to generate material for set works for theatre and dance, as well as a performance mode in it’s own right. Improvisation has been an invaluable tool for developing her style of movement and text and is an inexhaustible resource for ongoing discovery and development. She currently continues her investigation of improvisation by experiencing it in the context of trance under the teaching of Tony Yap.

Site and Sound

(15 mins) – performance

Site and Sound is formed by the spontaneous relationship between the artist and music and place. Each time these elements come together, they compose a work that can never be repeated.

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