• Adam Forbes

    Adam Forbes

    Adam Forbes (Australia)  Adam Forbes is a Melbourne based dancer and performer. He is interested in structures and contexts that allow authenticity...

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  • Agus Riyanto

    Agus Riyanto

    Agus Riyanto (Indonesia) In 2007 Agus revived the traditional art of Bull-trance (Bantengan) that had been extinct in the city...

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  • AñA Wojak

    AñA Wojak

    AñA Wojak (Australia) AñA Wojak is a trans genderfluid artist whose work crosses the precipice of performative and visual art forms....

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  • Ankur Saxena Bashar

    Ankur Saxena Bashar

    Ankur Bashar (India) Ankur Saxena Bashar is a thespian, director, voice coach, performance artist, poet and playwright. He holds a...

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  • Brendan O’Connor

    Brendan O’Connor

    Brendan O’ Connor (Ireland/Australia) Ireland born, Brendan received his accreditation as a professional performer in The Netherlands, and has since...

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  • Deden Tresnawan

    Deden Tresnawan

    Deden Tresnawan (Indonesia) Born in Bandung, Deden Tresnawan was brought by his parents to watch art performances, as the Parent of...

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  • Emerald Kimber

    Emerald Kimber

    Emerald Kimber (Australia) Em is a visual and performing artist from Melbourne, Australia. Em has trained in Butoh under Yumi Umiumare and...

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  • Ezra Demchy

    Ezra Demchy

    Ezra Demchy (Australia) Ezra is a multifaceted musician from Castlemaine who brings a fresh and creative perspective to all his performances. An...

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  • Galih Mahara

    Galih Mahara

    Galih Mahara (Indonesia) Galih Mahara has known the world of art,especially dance, since he studied at the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI)...

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