• Adam Forbes

    Adam Forbes

    Adam Forbes (Australia) Adam Forbes is a Melbourne based dancer and performer. He is interested in structures and contexts that...

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  • Agus Riyanto

    Agus Riyanto

    Agus Riyanto (Indonesia) In 2007 Agus revived the traditional art of Bull-trance (Bantengan) that had been extinct in the city...

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  • Alexy Dmitrenko

    Alexy Dmitrenko

    Alexy Dmitrenko (Russia/Austria) Alexey Dmitrenko is a dancer, teacher and choreographer rooted in ballet, working in the fields of contemporary...

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  • Amandus Paul Panan

    Amandus Paul Panan

    Amandus Paul Panan (Malaysia) Amandus Paul Panan holds a Master’s Degree in Theatre and Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking from the Universiti...

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  • AñA Wojak

    AñA Wojak

    AñA Wojak (Australia) AñA Wojak is a genderfluid artist whose work crosses the precipice of performative and visual art forms...

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  • Ankur Bashar

    Ankur Bashar

    Ankur Bashar (India) Ankur Bashar, 28 is a Performance maker, Playwright, Poet. He completed his Masters in Performance studies from...

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  • Brendan O’Connor

    Brendan O’Connor

    Brendan O’ Connor (Ireland/Australia) Ireland born, Brendan received his accreditation as a professional performer in The Netherlands, and has since...

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  • Chelsea Coon

    Chelsea Coon

    Chelsea Coon (USA/Australia) Chelsea Coon is an artist and writer whose work focuses on the shifting interconnections of the body, time,...

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  • Dan Wei

    Dan Wei

    Dan Wei (China/Australia) I am a Chinese-Australian contemporary artist who makes installations, performances and drawings. Having worked with children for several...

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