Mic Guillaumes

Mic Guillaumes (France)

Rainna SOONG: 5 years old, was born during the rainy season….. Very temperamental…. she likes to draw and paint, sometimes dances… ….she has a strong opinion and often pushes her father around on Sunday mornings …. While they meets new people and exploring new ideas…..

Mic GUILLAUMES: as a child he preferred to climb trees to discover the nests of birds. Always on the move…he is expelled from school. Thus begins his career as a dancer….until he was 74 years old.

Dancer, choreographer, company director; among other things, he develops live art in public schools for teachers and professional dancers. Artistic director of the “Danse au Coeur” festival, he organizes “Itinérance” with 3000 dancers in places of architectural heritage; He is appointed “Dance expert” for the Ministry of Culture (France).



(30 mins) – dance, painting

Painting leaves visible traces, dancing leaves invisible traces: At the crossroads of arts and generations, random and improvised “event” in situ.

Sun 27 Aug, 12 noon – Baboon House