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MAP Fest – Traces of Transformation

Melaka Arts and Performance Festival (MAPFest) has reached its 10th year since its inception. MAP X brings adds new challenge to bring back the essential enchantment of the site of St Paul’s hill. It hopes to reclaim the beauty of the natural site and ambience and forgo the ‘staging’ and commodification of the naturally enchanting that exist within the site. The artists will be able to return to their innermost states of being in the practice of their artforms without the harsh staging elements that so often can diminish the essence and affect of the subtle and powerful act of performance making.

The festival is a rich ground for artists from different disciplines, background and levels of accomplishments can find a platform for creation, collaboration, exchange and experimentation. Differences and always returning to the origin, the source where all creative power starts. We remind ourselves of why we exist and the inexhaustible way enthusiasm for life is propelled through art.

Map has won many awards within the areas of arts and global community. Bold ideas are freely accessible for everyone and in inexpensive ways. MAP is a strong and rich cultural emersion for the visiting artists and spectators. This festival remains inclusive, belonging to the artists and the public. In a highly marketed world, we are reminders of why one exist and what is truely valuable to humans. Themes of spiritual transformation create a frame for works of art. We inspire one another, support each other and encourage uniquness. A festival for independent artists who come on their own source of support to perform, collaborate and exchange and share ideas. We thank all artists deeply. Thank you also Andrew Ching, Suen Kar Nee, Takashi Takiguchi and the E-Plus crew whithout whom this festival would not be what it is!

MAPFest has gained a high national, and international profile, not because it has a huge budget or is spectacularity in terms of ornamental extravagance, but its fresh, bold, diverse art.


Tony Yap

Creative Director

Today we celebrate the 10th edition of the Melaka Art & Performance Festival. Over the years we have seen artist grow and mature in their artform, some have ventured into the international scene and won awards. Most have established themselves in the field of their choosing.

Our humble festival has reached the far corners of the globe, with a growing number of artists showing interest to participate in the festival every year. This little festival has become a much-anticipated annual event in the local community.

We are most honored to have accommodated over 400 artists in 10 years, and bid farewell to a few artists taken before their time. We at E-Plus Global have funded and supported the festival financially and logistically, with the current downturn of economic situation, we are finding it harder to sustain. We welcome any form of support to prolong the longevity of the festival.

We give a BIG thanks to all the artists who have found the festival and have shared their artistic wealth. Our gratitude goes out to the local community for the continuous support and for the management team who worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the festival.

Thank you and enjoy!

Andrew Ching

Festival Producer