Gopal Dalami

Gopal Dalami (India)

Born in Delhi, India and Of Nepalese origin, Gopal started his dance education at Voxpop Dancers India in 2010. Who has trained in classical ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop and aerial acrobatic from different national and international teachers. Since 2015, he has been a performer in various dance productions with Vikram Mohan, Mandeep Raikhy, Anish Popli, Nikolina Nikoleski, Diniz Sancheza, and many other national and international choreographers. He has toured in India and abroad. Associated with Surya performance lab-Dance and Theatre company based in Auroville, Tamil Nadu since 2018 as a dancer, actor and assistant director. Since 2018, he has been sharing his research based dance module ‘Dance with prana’ and ‘Authentic flow’.

Awakening to a New World

(20 mins) – performance

Where am I?

Often in my travels, I wake up in an unfamiliar bed and rooms. Often dazed and sometimes disturbed and beguiled. How do I find the peace to be able to sleep again? How do I find comfort in uncomfortable places?

There is this sensation of being trapped in dreams. Actually mix of feelings and struggles that the body knows. In this piece I try to relive those moments. Through expressive movements, I will depict the suffocating feeling of navigating from one dream to another. This poignant exploration invites audiences to witness the transformative journey of awakening to a new world and the emotions that accompany it.