Galih Mahara

Galih Mahara (Indonesia)

Galih Mahara has known the world of art, especially dance, since he studied at the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) in 2007. He studied dance majoring in dance and entered the dance division of KIG Dance Community. Engaged in working on and arranging dance in the campus division, dance Community and theater. Became a 24-hour dancer on world Dance Day in Surakarta in 2011. In supporting the deepening of dance, he participated in the 2016 IDF ( Indonesia dance festival) Artistic Research. Recidency dance class Contemporary and Collaboration with P7:1sma Company in Singapore. Masterclass And lecture performance Arco Renz at Goodmant art center Singapure.. And in 2019 he became artistic director at Maharaku Studio. Curator BIPAF Bandung 2022.


(15 mins) – performance

The dynamics of the world that continues to be in a situation that is not palpable, encourages humans to move towards the safest body shape for living. The transformation movement as an identity defense mechanism to deal with the phenomena and ambivalence that occurs. Prepares the body from old patterns to acquire new roles and patterns of life context. A transitional dimension where traces of the old pattern remain and the new pattern has not yet fully become. Ronggeng will try to find his existence in a world that is constantly changing.

Art Directo: Ayo Sunaryo

Choreographer & Performer: Galih Mahara Composer: Yosep Yogi Anjaeni x Wirahma Community