Deasylina da Ary

Deasylina da Ary

Born in Pacitan, East Java in 1981. Learning dance since she was 5 years old, in the studio of her father Pradapa Loka Bhakti. Deasy studied dance education at State University of Surabaya. After completed her Bachelor, she finished her Master of Arts in Indonesia Institute of The Arts Surakarta. Deasy completed doctoral program in Indonesia Institute of The Arts Surakarta with PhD thesis “Pacitanian Art-Edu” (Environmental Oriented Art Education Model) and graduated in January 2017. She also won the Best Choreographer at the Nusantara Dance Festival in 2005, and the National Student Art Festival & Competition in 2009.

Since 2008, she started teaching Art Education at Universitas Negeri Semarang. she also dedicated herself as a Art and Culture educator, for children who have artistic talent and interest from her hometown, Pelem, in studio of Pradapa Loka Bhakti.

Kidung gandrung

(20 mins) – performance

The Jejer Gandrung dance is a traditional dance from Banyuwangi, East Java, and is a part of the GandrungBanyuwangi dance. This dance has the meaning of thanksgiving to God.

Tanduk Majeng is one of the traditional songs from Madura, East Java. Philosophically, this song tells about the prayers and hopes of the fishermen’s families who are risking their lives in the middle of the ocean, so that they can return with a satisfying catch of fish.

These two traditional works were put together in one site specific performance at MAPFest 2023 by choosing the location for the performance on the riverside next to the Kampung Jawabridge. Bringing memory messages about hometown.