Ankur Saxena Bashar

Ankur Bashar (India)

Ankur Saxena Bashar is a thespian, director, voice coach, performance artist, poet and playwright. He holds a Master’s in Performance Studies from Ambedkar University, and a Master’s in Acting from the prestigious National School of Drama.

Currently he is a Junior Research fellow for ministry of culture. Ankur travels across India to understand and discover vocal techniques. A recent addition to his repertoire is psycho-physical movement and psycho-vocality. He has also written and directed several plays. His recent production Sun’s Seventh horse received great appreciation He currently teaches at Shoolini University as Assistant Professor for Performing Arts.

Brahmarakshasa – The Deamon

(30 mins) – Performance

The Narada Purana (Hindu Scriptures) describes an episode of Kalmashapada conversing with a Brahmarakshasa, whose abode was a banyan tree. The Brahmarakshasa told the king that he had previously been a wealthy Brahmin from the country of Magadha named Somadatta. Having mastered the Vedas, Somadatta had grown arrogant from the knowledge he had acquired and his youth, due to which he stopped heeding his preceptor. He was hence reduced to the state of a Brahmarakshasa. Unable to experience happiness, he is described to consume the flesh of Brahmins and lead a life of agony.

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