Feifei Liao

Feifei Liao (China/Australia)

Feifei Liao is a versatile creative producer and performer, founder of &’Feifei Curiosity’ focusing on creating narrative productions that inspire individuals to explore themselves authentically, and tap into unimaginative artistic mediums and life possibilities, portrayed by their unique personal character and experiences.
Her work explores psychophysical movements, bodyfulness, trance, space, time, lived-experience and cultural fabric. Feifei delights in placing shadow and light throughout her dance and poetry to express the vulnerability and strength within, which allow us to blossom fully. She believes everyone can be creative through experiencing daily life and surroundings with curiosity.


The Fig Tree

(15 mins) – performance

Memories, like whispered echoes, dancing around the evergreen fig tree, gradually, becoming blurry and fading away…the body, bridges generations, past and future, in the intertwined time zones, trying to find the meaning of existence and a sense of being.