Deden Tresnawan

Deden Tresnawan (Indonesia)

Deden Tresnawan was born in Bandung in 1983, he is the first child of two children from the marriage of Olit Taryana and Nuraeni. Since childhood, Deden Tresnawan has always been brought by his parents to watch art performances, because Deden Tresnawan’s parents are a West Javanese artist.When he was still in elementary school, Deden was able to play the lute musical instrument. Deden began to study art when he studied at the Indonesian Art College (STSI) in Bandung, from there he learned more about art.

During his lectures, Deden specialized in stringed and wind instruments, namely harps and flutes. Deden is the program director of the Bongkeng Arts Space and is involved in several arts communities or groups including the Tap music group, Lungsuran Daur Contemporary Instruments, WaJiWa Dance Theater, Legus Studio, Cianjuran Sundanese Song Association, Candrawulan Art, LPK Natya Lakshita Didik Ninik Thowok, Sekar Keliwon , Toneel Theater Bandung, Sanggita Art Company. Apart from playing music, Deden often becomes an artistic piñata and other things. His works are well known in his campus environment and in the West Java area as well as in national and international circles, especially his dance and theater music.


(15 mins) – performance

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