Eulogy for the LivingPoint of ContactI’m The King of The CastleTowards a new moon

Eulogy for the Living

Eulogy for the Living is a large-scale performance, a spectacular and soulful finale to the festival, directed by Tony Yap, performed by festival artists with live music and projections. Eulogy for the Living is a kind of devotional work for making our way in the world, an internal journey into the memory of body and soul....
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Point of Contact

Point of Contact Performer: Gretel Taylor Sound: Merin Trebilcock This work maps the practice of walking in this place. Pedestrian trajectories today evoke the realisation that the St Paul’s Church site has been walked upon by many thousands of people, of many cultures, over hundreds of years. Their mode of traversal has been the same....
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I’m The King of The Castle

Performer: Kelvin Atmadibrata Synopsis: I’m the King of the Castle exhibits power from the perspective of an imagined adolescent boy. The installation and performance work will reenact scenes from Susan Hill's 1970 novel by the same title. The protagonist is a victim of bully whose torment is visualised through objects, texts and the presence of the artist's body....
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Towards a new moon

Performer: Domenico De Clario
Synopsis: A collaborative improvised sound and voice performance involving a number of visiting musicians and dancers, including Ren walters, Dur-e Dara, Elnaz Shishgelmani and a number of local Melakan musicians, yet to be identified The substance of the performance is longing; longing to finally depart, after a long life, for another world, yet, as well,...
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