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The Present – 4.20 mins

Untitled Jake spends most of his time indoors playing video games until his mother gives him a present, a dog with a missing leg. We then see that Jake has a missing leg too. For the first time Jake goes outside to play with his new dog. Dir. Jacob Frey; Writers Jacob Frey,...
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Marriage Equality – 5 mins

One day Josh wishes he would live in a country where all love is equal. Human rights are for everyone, no matter who you are or who you love. Dramatic shift in policies all over the world like Ireland backed same sex marriage by a land slide, then US in the constitution, it’s about time that Australia follows – UK, NZ, France, Brazil, Norway,...
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Homeless Joe (stop animation) – 5.33 mins

Homeless Joe is about a news story that airs and is watched by three different people. It stirs up emotions and makes them think how they have judged a homeless person. It begins how they all sleep at night and follows through each of them coming across Homeless Joe and how they engage with him and show respect through kindness by giving him shelter...
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