Towards a new moon

Performer: Domenico De Clario

Synopsis: A collaborative improvised sound and voice performance involving a number of visiting musicians and dancers, including Ren walters, Dur-e Dara, Elnaz Shishgelmani and a number of local Melakan musicians, yet to be identified
The substance of the performance is longing; longing to finally depart, after a long life, for another world, yet, as well, the longing to remain longer in this one, to not let all the we have come to know so well finally go.
The songs have this theme in common and the performance begins as the new moon rises at sunset qbove the hilltop church space; or another suitable space yet to be identified may be found (a temple environment would be ideal). Conversely an installation using suitable found and sourced materials would be constructed as the performative site.
The performance is dedicated to the memory of the artist’s father.
Domenico de Clario is an interdisciplinary artist, academic, writer and musician. He was born in Italy in 1947.
He taught in the Art School at PIT/RMIT and was Head of Contemporary Arts at Perth’s ECU, Head of Fine Arts at Monash University and Director of Adelaide’s Australian Experimental Art Foundation.
de Clario has presented more than 250 solo and group exhibitions and performances and has published a number of books and CDs. .