Rangila ArchaeologiGong-tasysomething noxious in this garden growLoop

Rangila Archaeologi

Performer: Mike Hornblow Synopsis: Site-specific Multimedia Performance Tum hi ho, tum hi ho... an abandoned cinema in Malacca offers its secrets, the burnt out projection room full of dessicated celluloid and scratchy soundtracks circa 1960. So lets START...and see what future can be made of a promiscuous archaeology. How may a bungled catalogueing of images, sounds, bodies and things dig...
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Performer: Rithaudin Abdul Kadir Synopsis: An experimental use of the gong incorporating Tausug Pangalay, focusing on issues of genderlessness, binary and the third gender embodiement....
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Performer: AñA Wojak, Eve Klein & Glasser-Vora
Synopsis: Loop: Double-stranded molecules of nucleic acids provide the template for our bodies: growing, regenerating, decaying, mutating or laying dormant. Loop: the Ouroboros eats its own tail, recreating itself as it devours. Loop: unveiling the contradictions that slip between the body, mind, and the unknowable....
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