I’m The King of The Castle

Performer: Kelvin Atmadibrata

Synopsis: I’m the King of the Castle exhibits power from the perspective of an imagined adolescent boy. The installation and performance work will reenact scenes from Susan Hill’s 1970 novel by the same title. The protagonist is a victim of bully whose torment is visualised through objects, texts and the presence of the artist’s body. The presentation will
end with a yelling of the work’s title, which hopes to echo as a response to the site of the St. Paul Hill.
Kelvin Atmadibrata (b.1988, Jakarta, Indonesia) recruits superpowers awakened by puberty and adolescent fantasy to assemble formidable armies of outlaws. He works primarily with performances, often accompanied by and translated into drawings, mixed media and objects compiled as installations. Characterized by shōnen action heroes and macho ero-kawaii, his curiosity contests the masculine and erotica in Southeast Asia.