Point of Contactsomething noxious in this garden growMoonLightDance of Alienation

Point of Contact

Point of Contact Performer: Gretel Taylor Sound: Merin Trebilcock This work maps the practice of walking in this place. Pedestrian trajectories today evoke the realisation that the St Paul’s Church site has been walked upon by many thousands of people, of many cultures, over hundreds of years. Their mode of traversal has been the same....
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MOONLIGHT   Performer: Kiea Kuan Nam   Synopsis: White Deer Spirit transform into a Butoh dancer, dancing in the moonlight, it seems quiet to continue waiting…waiting with anticipation of a thousand years for The Return of the King....
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Dance of Alienation

DANCE OF ALIENATION   Performer: Victoria Hunt   Synopsis: Streams of smoke, floating into the atmosphere. A husk remains. Becoming a person lost and searching for loved ones. Thick ash and mud cling to you, drawing you down. Being urged by unseen forces towards the veil of Te Arai. The most awful sound of silence....
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