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Roman Sherwani

Roman Sherwani (India)
Roman Sherwani will introduce invaluable guide and directiontowardhealthimprovement.Heisahealth coach in Delhi for over a decade inspiring clients around the globe to achieve remarkable results including dramatic health improvement and enhanced level of performance. Over the...
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Roger Soong

Roger Soong (Malaysia)
Roger Soong is a visual and installation artist as well as musician and performer. His handcrafted imagination brings together elements of earth and sky intertwined by the sounds of dreams or the colors of things that never were. If you are...
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Sim Hoi Ling

Sim Hoi Ling (Malaysia)
Sim Hoi Ling is an interdisiplinary artist working with installation and performance in her artistic exploration. She is trained in visual arts where she was majoring Fine Arts. Her work explores the topic of the human condition, waste materials, the...
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