Takashi Takiguchi

Takashi Takiguchi (Japan)

Takashi Takiguchi is an independent Creative Producer and an artist of Japanese heritage based in Naarm (Melbourne). He is a recipient of Victorian Independent Producers Initiatives (VIPI) from Creative Victoria (2020-21) and started working with Kath Papas Productions as an associate producer (2021). Since establishing the performing art production company ImPermanence Production in 2014, Takashi has been involved with or produced 10 community led performing arts festivals in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and India, and programmed several hundred artists from all around the world. As a migrant, queer, conventionally non-trained performer himself and a late-career starter as an independent producer/artist in the art sector, Takashi is passionate and concerned about the creation of an engaging and inclusive, cultural-artistic platform for dance, particularly the unique form of Japanese dance Butoh.

Major projects and artistic collaborators are: Weave Movement Theatre (2020-2022), Zya Kane, the Sensory theatre (2020-2022), ButohOUT! Festival, Australia’s first Butoh festival (2017-2022) with the Butoh dancer and choreographer Yumi Umiumare; Melaka Art & Performance Festival (2016- 2022) with Melbourne based dancer, Tony Yap.


A Body of 45

(20 mins) – performance

This work is an attempt to tease out and embody the world of fantasy and illusions drawn by the artist for years in his head, who is currently in the middle point of his life, with a 45-year-old body.

Sat 27 Aug, NIGHT – 8.00pm Baboon House