Tony Yap

Tony Yap (Malaysia/Australia)

Tony Yap, Malaysian born, is an accomplished dancer, director, choreographer and visual artist. He has been a leading figure in inter-cultural discourse and received Asialink residential grants in 2005, and 2008 and a Dance fellowship from the Australia Council for the Arts. He was also the winner for the Best Male Dancer with the Green Room Awards. , Tony is the founding Creative Director of MAP Fest.

Luca Romani (Italy/Australia)

When Luca moved to Melbourne in 2012 he took a break from acting to learn English and settle into the new country. Since then he has been training in martial arts, African drumming, become an Australian citizen and a proud father. Luca has recently launched his own independent theatre company Roman Flowers Theatre. He has also resumed his artistic career full time taking on acting, film and TV productions by commission.

Mad Monk

(30 mins) – performance

This series is the beginnings of a new work. Borned in the indo-china rural town near a temple, an older man returns from his 4 decades of living in the west. He took refuge at the local temple and has taken the robes of a monk in disguise, hiding from the world, but the ghosts of his travels and past do not leave him alone.

Wed 24 Aug, NIGHT – 9.00pm Baboon House