Team In-Fest

Team In-Fest (Malaysia)

Team IN-FEST is an evolving collective of artists, musicians and like-minded individuals- some were born in Melaka, others have come from elsewhere and decided to stay. All are united with a share sense of “Our Town” – a celebration of occupying a charming, magical, stimulating place and the potential of collective creativity. In 2011 Team IN-FEST held its first festival, an ambitious coming together of musicians, artists, performers and others in commercial, home and improvised venues in central Melaka. Team IN-FEST continues to quietly seed, percolate and grow projects and has for the last decade contributed richly to MAPfest.

Untamed Garden

(2 hours) – installation / performance

An experimental and durational performance that hope to slow down the audiences’ tempo thru slow binding of ropes by a macrame artist; intertwine with looping electronics music by a sound artist and a real host of the house. They also wish to explore their own existence in the present space in relative to one another with the presence of audiences.