Collaboration Pod

Workshop Pod – The Desert Within
“The desert grows, and woe to him who conceals the desert within him…”
– Friedrich Nietzsche “Dithyrambs of Dionysus”

Melaka Workshop Pod will take its explorative within the sites of Melaka including at Pulau Besar. This workshop will incorporate trance elements with Agus Riyanto & Agung Gunawan. The Desert as a metaphor for creative openness. The Desert Within is a workshop for an integration of the inner and the outer, an exploration on psychophyicality.

This is a workshop of a desert of the senses, of the spirit, of faith, and destitute. If there is no creativity or acceptance of one’s limits, the relationship can end. It is a relationship between dancer and their environment to create enchantment within a certain void – of water, of fertility and life. With rain, the desert blossoms overnight– a fleeting moment, a display of an illusive enchantment.

This is part of a series of experimentations in the reposition of the interior to the exterior for movement aesthetics. In this extended workshop we shall begin with psychophysical exercises using different levels of trance states to evoke movements that comes from the interior and particularly, psychological states of crisis.

Takashi Takiguchi:
Workshop fee: Aud$150
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15-21 November, All Sites + Pulau Besar