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  • Adam Forbes

    Adam Forbes

    Adam Forbes (Australia)  Adam Forbes is a Melbourne based dancer and performer. He is interested in structures and contexts that allow authenticity...

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  • Adele Wilkes

    Adele Wilkes

    Adele Wilkes (Australia)  Adele Wilkes is an artist, filmmaker and researcher whose practice encompasses moving image, sound, photography, projection and...

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  • Agus Riyanto

    Agus Riyanto

    Agus Riyanto (Indonesia) In 2007 Agus revived the traditional art of Bull-trance (Bantengan) that had been extinct in the city...

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  • Ankur Saxena Bashar

    Ankur Saxena Bashar

    Ankur Bashar (India) Ankur Saxena Bashar is a thespian, director, voice coach, performance artist, poet and playwright. He holds a...

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  • Deasylina da Ary

    Deasylina da Ary

    Deasylina da Ary Born in Pacitan, East Java in 1981. Learning dance since she was 5 years old, in the...

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  • Deden Tresnawan

    Deden Tresnawan

    Deden Tresnawan (Indonesia) Deden Tresnawan was born in Bandung in 1983, he is the first child of two children from the...

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  • Feifei Liao

    Feifei Liao

    Feifei Liao (China/Australia) Feifei Liao is a versatile creative producer and performer, founder of &’Feifei Curiosity’ focusing on creating narrative productions...

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  • Galih Mahara

    Galih Mahara

    Galih Mahara (Indonesia) Galih Mahara has known the world of art, especially dance, since he studied at the Universitas Pendidikan...

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  • Gopal Dalami

    Gopal Dalami

    Gopal Dalami (India) Born in Delhi, India and Of Nepalese origin, Gopal started his dance education at Voxpop Dancers India in 2010. Who...

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    HOEDIA DAMAR GANING (INDONESIA) Hoedia Damar Ganing or commonly known as Hoe was born in Kediri – East Java in...

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  • Iing Sayuti

    Iing Sayuti

    Iing Sayuti (Indonesia) Iing Sayuti is originally from Indramayu, born in Astanalanggar village, Losari District, Cirebon Regency, West Java, Indonesia. Before...

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  • Kar Kah Chan

    Kar Kah Chan

    Kar Kah Chan (Malaysia) Kar Kah, Chan (b.1997) is a Malaysian interdisciplinary artist, choreographer, educator, and director of Marrow Collective. Kar Kah was...

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