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River Offering – Slow Zen Walk

Kavisha Mazzella / Australia Contemporary Ritual River Offering Kavisha will do a meditative Zen walk by the Melaka River. Inspired by the japanese Zen Buddhist tradition of mindfully slowing ones movements in order to become fully present thus inhabiting the now. By walking in tune with ones own breathing and letting thoughts melt...
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Soong Ro Ger / Malaysia Performance Art Caged This human installation is driven by Ro Ger’s own experience witnessing the imprisonment of a displaced guest worker. The scene caused him great distress. Ro Ger constructs a ‘cage’ and puts himself in it for as long as he can endure. This is...
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Pop-up Tearoom Series

Yumi Umiumare / Japan contemporary ritual Pop-up Tearoom Series Pop-up Tearoom series is an experimentation of site-specific performances/installation, exploring surreal, mysterious, slightly odd and ‘mismatched’ tea ceremony in the middle of town. The pop up mobile space will be appeared in the different locations in order to create ephemeral and dreamlike spaces. Viewer’s perspectives...
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