• Tamsin Channing

    Tamsin Channing

    Born in Ballarat, Central Victoria, Tamsin spent part of her childhood in Norfolk, and as an adult has lived and...

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  • Tony Yap

    Tony Yap

    Tony Yap Creative Director  born in Malaysia, is an accomplished dancer, director, choreographer and visual artist. Tony was one of...

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  • Takashi Takaguchi

    Takashi Takaguchi

    Takashi Takiguchi Unnamed  Originally from Japan, Takashi is a Melbourne-based dancer, a creative producer and an event organiser. He is...

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  • Nathaniel Finley

    Nathaniel Finley

    Nathaniel Finley Mapping  N.V. Finley is a vagabond poet, novelist, musician, performer, intellectual, teacher and “world-class bum.” Originally from the U.S.A., he has spent...

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  • Lee Kien Fei

    Lee Kien Fei

    Lee Kien Fei Growing aDam Lee Kien Fei, a young and adventurous performer artist from Malaysia, completed his Bachelor of...

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  • Kelvin Atmadribrata

    Kelvin Atmadribrata

    Kelvin Atmadibrata On the Cliff by the Sea Kelvin Atmadibrata (b.1988, Jakarta, Indonesia) recruits superpowers awakened by puberty and adolescent...

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  • Mic Guillaumes

    Mic Guillaumes

    Mic Guillaumes Les Ames Errantes from his 66 years of his life and 61 years of dance, struggles to define his...

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  • Lisa Dethridge

    Lisa Dethridge

    Lisa Dethridge Awaken! Lisa Dethridge has performed and exhibited digital art in Europe, USA and Australia. She has performed, written...

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  • Rithaudin Abdul Kadir

    Rithaudin Abdul Kadir

    Rithaudin Abdul Kadir ‘Tajau’ & ‘Humane Human’ a dancer of 19 years, believes that dance is a universal language which...

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