• Lim Paik Yin

    Lim Paik Yin

    Lim Paik Yin Lim Paik Yin works in performance art, photography and spoken words. With a B.A in Multimedia, her...

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  • Jonathan Rainin

    Jonathan Rainin

    Jonathan Rainin Born in Russia, was deriving inspiration from natural movement, martial arts, parkour, dance. He travelled to China, where...

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  • Rezky Pratama

    Rezky Pratama

    Rezky Pratama Born in Lampeong – Central Kalimantan got his Bachelor from Education of Dance Programe in STKIP PGRI Banjarmasin...

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  • Ajak Kwai

    Ajak Kwai

    Ajak Kwai  Songs for South Sudan  I know so many people who are suffering. It is estimated that may be...

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  • Maxwell Dowling

    Maxwell Dowling

    Maxwell Dowling Xavier’s Present Maxwell Dowling is a saxophonist and electronic musician based in Melbourne. As a performer, composer and...

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  • Kingkin Ayu Bondan Banowati

    Kingkin Ayu Bondan Banowati

    Kingkin Ayu Bondan Banowati Born in Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia. She knew traditional dance since childhood, because her parents are...

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  • Georgia Snowball

    Georgia Snowball

    Georgia Snowball ‘Nothing is Set’ & ‘Letting Go’ Georgia Snowball is based in country Victoria, Australia and is a multidisciplinary...

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  • Christos Linou

    Christos Linou

    Christos Linou Naked Peel Part 4 (The Metaphysical) Christos Linou’ career, as performer, choreographer and experimental filmmaker has spanned thirty-years....

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  • Ayako Fujii

    Ayako Fujii

    Ayako Fujii  Unnamed Our birth is an act of improvisation by itself – no intention, force, definition or organisation. With...

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