• Anne Dietrich

    Anne Dietrich

    Graduated culture and dance educationalist, as well a qualified dancer and choreographer. Next to classical ballet, contemporary dance, jazz dance,...

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  • Anthony Pelchen

    Anthony Pelchen

    Living on the Wimmera River in NW Victoria is a visual artist who for the last 25 years has worked...

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  • Aziz Amri

    Aziz Amri

    Born in 1994, Jakarta, Indonesia, stresses the elephants in the room- often those resulted from coming-of-age encounters. Projected as semi-transparent...

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  • Benjamin Allen

    Benjamin Allen

    A Tasmanian-based artist, developing his site-specific practice from a movement background in parkour, freerunning, b-boying, contemporary dance and martial arts...

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  • Breathing Forest Dance Theater

    Breathing Forest Dance Theater

    Breathing Forest Dance Theater is a continued development process of Sanggar Seni Pradapa Loka Bhakti. Ongoing means to understand and...

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  • Brendan O’Connor

    Brendan O’Connor

    Ireland-born Brendan received his accreditation as a professional performer in The Netherlands and has since settled in Melbourne. He graduated...

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  • Cecile Chagnaud

    Cecile Chagnaud

    American Improvisor and E-Luthier Dirk Stromberg and French Experimental Filmmaker and VJ, Cecile Chagnaud continue to join forces as an...

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  • Christ Eleazar Sitinjak

    Christ Eleazar Sitinjak

    Born in Jakarta is an arranger of music scores, songwriter, and an entertainer. A graduate with a BA Music Art...

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  • Deasylina Da Ary

    Deasylina Da Ary

    Born in Pacitan, East Java in 1981. Learned to dance since she was just five years old, in the studio...

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