• Takashi Takiguchi

    Takashi Takiguchi

    Originally from Japan, Takashi Takiguchi is a Melbourne-based dancer and a creative producer. His dance and artistic career started in...

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  • Agung Gunawan

    Agung Gunawan

    Born in Central Java, graduated from the High School of Arts in Yogyakarta, he continued his studies of Yogyakartanese classical...

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  • Agus Riyanto

    Agus Riyanto

    In 2007, Agus revived the traditional art of bull-trance (Bantengan) that had been extinct in the city of Batu, East...

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  • Alan Schacher

    Alan Schacher

    Born in 1952, Sydney is a performance artist, devisor and creator. His interdisciplinary practice is concerned with spatial experience and...

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  • Alana Hoggart

    Alana Hoggart

    Trained with 12 Butoh Masters in Japan and Australia. She is currently completing a PhD in theatre performance at Monash...

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  • Alexey Dmitrenko

    Alexey Dmitrenko

    Performing as a ballet dancer since his youth, having completed his dance education in Austria. He has been working with...

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  • Amelia La Haye

    Amelia La Haye

    Expanding, tracing, orbiting, accelerating, slowing Stopping She dances Fascinated by relations on this planet, the complex ties that bind us...

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  • AñA Wojak

    AñA Wojak

    AñA Wojak creates visually poetic works that resonate with a visceral depth, with a particular interest in site-specificity, durational performance,...

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  • Anna White

    Anna White

    A visual artist with a keen interest in movement practice. She recently completed PhD in fine arts from Monash University...

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