• Anne Dietrich

    Anne Dietrich

    Anne Dietrich is a graduated Culture and Dance Educationalist as well a qualified dancer and choreographer. Next to Classical Ballet,...

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  • Manish Joshi

    Manish Joshi

    Manish Joshi Director, writer,magician and puppeteer manish Joshi is a trained theatre practitioner from HCRFTA (India) He is a national...

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  • Benjamin Allen

    Benjamin Allen

    Benjamin Allen is a Tasmanian based artist developing his sitespecific practice from a movement background in parkour, freerunning, bboying, contemporary...

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  • Ploy Kasama Yamtree

    Ploy Kasama Yamtree

    Ploy Kasama Yamtree is a community architect based in Bangkok, working in the fields of knowledge management, community architecture and...

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  • Mike Hornblow

    Mike Hornblow

    Mike Hornblow has an interdisciplinary background in dance, performance art, video, architecture, design and philosophy. His art practice and curatorial...

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  • Meilia Shofa

    Meilia Shofa

    Meilia Shofa performs Traditional and Contemporary Dance in last 6 years for various events and Dance troupes in Indonesia and...

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  • Alexey Dmitrenko

    Alexey Dmitrenko

    Alexey Dmitrenko had been performing as a ballet dancer since his youth having completed his dance education in Austria. He...

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  • Sim Theng Kiat

    Sim Theng Kiat

    Sim Theng Kiat a theatre practitioner base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is an actor, a scriptwriter, a stage director...

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  • Breathing Forest Dance Theater

    Breathing Forest Dance Theater

    Breathing Forest Dance theater, This is a continued development process of Sanggar Seni Pradapa Loka Bhakti. Ongoing process to understand...

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