Dance Workshop – Somartics

Workshop by Evgenii Timofeev


Somartics is “soma” – of the body/the soul/the essence, “arts” – experiences of creative transformation. Somartics is an authentic way of restoring the links between mind, heart and body to fully experience and express oneself.

The art aims to bring one into the state of dynamic relaxation and build integral awareness, which involves Self, Space and Other.

Evgenii Timoreev has been practicing and researching various movement disciplines for the past nine years. Departing from primal locomotion, to oriental martial arts and parkour, moving on to yoga, taijiquan, somatic methods, qigong and dance improvisation, travelling and learning from masters in China, India, Russia and, finally, in Australia, where he doing his PhD in Victorian College of the Arts. This workshop is a free event.

Date: Friday, 27 November 2015
Time: 10:00AM
Venue: Site 4

Contact: Kar Nee,