General Assembly of Interested Parties (GAIP)

“GAIP began as a platform for presenting improvisational music practice in 2011. Now, something that started with music, seems energized in a direction of inclusiveness of various art making mediums and appears to be promoting an interpenetration of art and life, life and art
I am seeing an assembly of interested parties capable of and interested in a broader social “performance” where any context, format, mode of functioning is acceptable providing certain tenets are able to be established, practiced and maintained.
These tenets being; Each participant is ready, willing, able and stimulated, by bringing an attitude and practice of generosity in the facilitation of an individual or collective catharsis/ liberation/ moment of transcendence. As instances of this nature are rare, the “everyday consciousness” within performance then is made up of an underlying attitude of generosity.
So a way of being with each other is evolved where great creative risk and chance are encouraged through mutual trust. Where we understand we give each other permission to reach beyond where we have been already.
There is no expectation of formality within performers relationships, just mutual respect and responsibility.” –
Ren Walters, April 2014