Yearly Archives: 2015

From Human Doing to Human Being Series

Untitled performance art The essential notion of this new series of performances hinges on creating opportunities where artist and audience meet in a metaphysical space beyond barriers of language, culture, religion; a common space we carry within ourselves and is potentially capable of connecting us with our true self and others’. Logic and rationality are...
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Exciting, experimental and unexpected, the popular performances Walk from site to site around St Paul's Hill and dance and music, solo and group pieces. This program involves all festival artists. This year there is a strong emphasis on collaborations and improvisations in new and challenging performance platforms. Sunday 27 November’s Collaborations pods are part of Mapping Program....
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Liu Yong Sean

Keep Yourself Alive A reflection of our environment pollution. Human have over developed our earth, not only have animals lost their habitats but man will lost their home if we care less. This dance includes an installation of smoke and plastics....
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