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map X – information for participants 2018

MAP Fest (Melaka) – Traces of Transformation

MAP inspiration for this year’s Traces of Transformation

the Otherthe Other is dissimilar to and the opposite of Self, of Us, and of the Same.
Making your event/performance here calls for de-habitualizing and de-narcissifying.Perhaps a new courage is required for the risk of discovering the Other.


  • The Programs

    • These are the 4 platforms the festival provides. You can participate in all events, or just in Special events alone.
      1 > MAPPING + Collaboration pods  Daytime site-specific (works of up to 30min or extended to one hour. This is outdoors during the daytime on specific sites. Sound system will be provided. Sites: all around the hill and below)
      2 > Malam Magico - Night Magic, Focus on enchanting, spell-binding collaboration works of 5 mins to 30min, site around St paul’s church ruins. (Sound system will be provided. Sites: all inside and around the church)
      3 > Special events  (for established artists with strong concepts. Site anywhere in the old city and sites on the hill.)
      4 > Final night ‘dreamscape’ (a collaborative contemporary opera where all artists can join in with the direction of Tony Yap. Site: all around the hill with the church at the center)

    > Forums (Theme: Multiplicity and practice)
    > Workshop (2 hr workshop by Mic Guillaumes)
    Workshop Pod (see below, 14-17 Nov) By Tony Yap.

    The Participating Artist

> E-Plus is the main sponsor and supporter of MAP Fest (administration, permits, technical crew, publicity, etc.)
> MAP has a resident Hotel that cost around Rm$270 (Aus$100) for six nights in Twin share basis (www.primahotel.com.my)
> We can provide letter for invitation to you for your application for funds from you funding bodies.
> The festival is for independent artists only.

MAP 2018 will fall on 23,24,25 November
Artists need to be present at least 20-23 November for tech turns, rehearsal and meeting other potential collaborating artists. Come earlier and enjoy Melaka

In a nutshell,
> we provide basic technical support, so keep it simple
> you can be in site-specific MAPPING program where you’ll have 30mins to an hour at  a site on the ‘HILL’ 
> You’ll have to find your own funding sources for your fees
> You can also participate in Collaboration Pod starting from 14-17 Nov
> All other artists arrive 20-26 Nov


FILL IN FORM NOW – Deadline 31 August 2018





the Other – Antropic EMBODIMENT

by Tony Yap with Agung Gunawan and Agus Riyanto

(Wed-Sat, 14-17 Nov)

the Other is dissimilar to and the opposite of Self, of Us, and of the Same. Making your event/performance here calls for de-habitualizing and de-narcissifying. Perhaps a new courage is required for the risk of discovering the Other.

What are the most fundamental impulses where movements originate? Antropic is the unpredictable.

While automatic psychophysical impulses arise from inhabited areas of self, resisting them evokes new kind of drives. We are interested in those drives, which are atonal, unknown, unbridled, exposing blockages, fears and abjection. Appropriated in a situation of “nowhere to hide” by a touch of graceful compassion, they become lines of poetry addressed to no one from no one.

The workshop process will be structured by:
States of trance focuses/levels – pathways of induction
In-mobility work – breath, elasticity, stillness and flow of energy
> Concept of ‘Flow’ as a continuous shifts of states
Gravity/Grace – falling/levitation – the centrifugal
Vertigo – repetitive exertion exercises
Autoscediastic inprovisation space:
An approach to autoschediastic performance and movement practice. Greek autoschedíasma, derivative, with -( s) ma resultative noun suffix, of autoschediázein- to extemporize, verbal derivative of autoschédios hand-to-hand, offhand, improvised.

EOI to: tonyyap@netspace.net.au

4 full-Day Workshop
(by Tony Yap with Agus Riyanto, & Agung Gunawan)

at St Paul’s Hill, Pulau Besar & Sacred Heart hall

Booking essential: LIMITED SPACES