Cerita Pendik 1

Siti Alsyamsari Abriyanti & dancers
Klotak Klotek
A dance work that tells about the creation Betawi women’s lives in modern times. With advances in technology and the times they are still trying to maintain their culture with movements from cokek, mask and dance; Betawi’s, ondel-ondel.

Jonathan Rainin
The Dream
Given in to a sleep, both of my parents died in a dream. The arcetypal states of rebirth are adding up to a dreamflux; while they depart, in a gentle avalanche, transforming into an expectancy of a next life.

Takashi Takiguchi & Ayako Fujii
Our birth is an act of improvisation by itself – no intention, force, definition or organisation. With the song ‘Unnamed’ composed by Ayako, the duet explores the unnamed selves.

Ajak Kwai
Of Cows, Women and War
Ajak conjures a vivid picture of her Dinka heritage. Music is the vehicle for her stories of extraordinary life experiences as a refugee, exiled from her home and her family. Her moving tales of exile, hope, freedom, love, and cows – beloved animals of the Dinka.

Rithaudin Abd Kadir
This is a dance journey inspired by the traditional use of Tajau or giant vase by the Murut ethnic in Sabah. It has its own soul and spirit which mingles with the Rites of Passage of the ethnic themselves.

Deden Tresnawan & Dody Satya Ekagusthdiman
Still no sound that we need behind the sound which is hidden.

Kiea Kuan Nam
Sound of Himalaya
Close your eyes, may the hundred years old Singing Bowls from Himalaya leading you to feel the peace of the night and the calmest mind.

Pak Koyek & Dita Amalia
Ngulandoro (Wandering)
An escape to silence to seek eternal truth about love which covers our soul, whether a sin or truth achieved? The universe can’t predict, only a full of holy Faith heart which will get the blessing of goddess.

Lim Paik Yin
What is Home?
What is Home to a person, the family and the nation?

Brendan O’Connor & Reuben Lewis
Sisyphus Synthesis
Brendan and Reuben explores the myth of the eternal return and the potential of transformation in repetition in the myth of Sisyphus.

Agung Gunawan
You may say I’m a dreamer
Javanese women should be able to hide her feelings, because javanese women full of manners. But her angry can destroy the world. Such as Draupadi anger, which could lead to civil war.

Cerita Pendik 2

Chong Keat Aun & Yii Kah Hoe
Keat Aun & Kah Hoe are a fomidable duo abstracting traditional performance elements of songs and stories from ancient and near extinct art forms.

Gita Kinanthi & Rezky Praam
Bubuhan Seribu Sungai
A life stories about the persistence of banjar people who survive in a floating market South Kalimantan.
Videographer: Ahmad Maulana

Reuben Lewis & Max Dowling
Xavier’s Present
A meditation on past and present, navigating from moment to moment, guiding our senses with accumulated histories of space and time.

Lee Kien Fei
Kretek Syarikat
Let’s have a cigarette, I will tell you a story.

Ida Ayu Gede Sasrani Widyastuti
Prapat Nunggal
If the soul of the mangrove tree could talk, it would grow stronger and last to support a million people of the coastal communities who would then protect it.

Zulfikar Rizki Ananda & Herwin Budi Santoso
Galuik Pinggan Janang
“Galuik” means a game bantering with the “Pinggan” is a plate in use as a media said the flavor is in the mind , “Janang” is self- dancer who pours the contents his heart through Plate. A new form of emotional soul with a combination of ancient and contemporary.

Georgia Snowball
Based on real life – time events, themes of catastrophic weather events, of fire, drought and a view of the clouds from the air. Releasing a sense of ownership over the planet.

Vikram Mohan
Rebellion based on images of the Indian persons who is opposed to the political system.

Kingkin Ayu and dancers
Kidung Prahara
Javanese women should be able to hide her feelings, because javanese women full of manners. But her angry can destroy the world. Such as Draupadi anger, which could lead to civil war.

Jehanne FIMA
Emotion in motion
When emotion meets motion, into bones and muscles: it is the organicity speaking, the authenticity of the body bringing you to a journey of expansion and contraction, of tension and relieve.

Mic Guillaumes
Wandering Souls
“I am another” wrote Arthur Rimbaud. I attended the birth of my body. I look, beyond the aesthetic register. There is much human consciousness in plural force that constitute and animate the body: The Dancing.

Eulogy for the Living

Eulogy for the Living is a large-scale performance, a spectacular and soulful finale to the festival, facilitated by Tony Yap, performed by festival artists, with live music, and projections. Eulogy for the Living is a kind of devotional work for making our way in the world, an internal journey into the memory of body and soul. Here artists and audience transform and reconnect a deeper part of ourselves, within the fleeting transience of contemporary life. We the living both preserve the past and allow things to pass – we eulogise ourselves in each moment. Life goes on…

Sun 27 Nov, 8.30pm, Site 1
St Paul’s Hill


Exciting, experimental and unexpected, the popular performances Walk from site to site around St Paul’s Hill and dance and music, solo and group pieces.

This program involves all festival artists. This year there is a strong emphasis on collaborations and improvisations in new and challenging performance platforms.

Sunday 27 November’s Collaborations pods are part of Mapping Program. mapping program involves all festival artists

Sat & Sun 26 Nov, 2-6pm, all Sites 1-4

Naked Peel part 4 (The metaphysical) by Christos Linou

Naked Peel is a twelve-hour interactive cross-disciplinary dance installation, which investigates cultural migration, racism and sexual stereotyping. It explores phenomenological states of trance and ritual to examine notions of mediumship in a durational performance, to trigger memories and dreams associated with the conscious and sub-conscious body. The thematic content reveals how racism and stereotyping have been subconsciously impregnated in our subconscious and created a fear of the other. It examines how the artist can be hostage to the performance and hostage to the viewer’s gaze. This can create a trance like state for the viewer, where watching and staring at something over long periods of time can lead to being intentionally blind to other things around them.

The artist will embody himself within the natural landscape as a notion of decomposition, metamorphosis and rebirth. He will perform under a tree and peel over one thousand oranges and the audience will be invited to engage in, dialogical, sensory and tactical exchanges. The oranges peelings are sewn into panels, and fastened onto the body, and the image of the perfect body will distort over time to reveal an ugly grotesque form that questions assumptions of perfection and beauty. The pulp and juice are separated and filled into a hanging crate and suspended from a tree branch, which showers orange juice onto the body. It acts as a dripping metronome to the tempo of the performance and becomes a cathartic washing tableau. The oranges are a symbol for sustenance, purity, wealth, and knowledge and most importantly, revealing that beneath the surface of one’s appearances, we are similar to the orange with flesh, fluid and structure. With a thirst quenching conscious and sub-conscious desire to be connected to the world we occupy.

Sat 26 Nov, 8.30am, Site 2
Around St Paul’s Hill, Duration 12 hours

A Gaze by Brendan O’Connor & Tony Yap

Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
– The Second Coming, William Butler Yeates

From a deep sense of touch with ours eyes wide open, we gaze into a moment of undeniable truth. The strength from the gaze takes us into a abstraction of memories and psychological inpulses, all from the deep sense of contact and physical touch. ‘a gaze’ is a tangent from Brendan and Tony’s ongoing morphing series of Dionysus’s Molecule.

Sat 26 Nov,
Site A – 8 Heeren Street, 12.30pm

Workshop Pod – The Desert Within

“The desert grows, and woe to him who conceals the desert within him…”
– Friedrich Nietzsche “Dithyrambs of Dionysus

Melaka Workshop Pod will take its explorative within the sites of Melaka including at Pulau Besar. This workshop will incorporate trance elements with Agus Riyanto & Agung Gunawan. The Desert as a metaphor for creative openness. The Desert Within is a workshop for an integration of the inner and the outer, an exploration on psychophyicality.

This is a workshop of a desert of the senses, of the spirit, of faith, and destitute. If there is no creativity or acceptance of one’s limits, the relationship can end. It is a relationship between dancer and their environment to create enchantment within a certain void – of water, of fertility and life. With rain, the desert blossoms overnight– a fleeting moment, a display of an illusive enchantment.

This is part of a series of experimentations in the reposition of the interior to the exterior for movement aesthetics. In this extended workshop we shall begin with psychophysical exercises using different levels of trance states to evoke movements that comes from the interior and particularly, psychological states of crisis.

Takashi Takiguchi:
Workshop fee: Aud$150
Book at:

15-21 November, All Sites + Pulau Besar