• Reuben Lewis

    Reuben Lewis

    Reuben Lewis Xavier’s Present   Reuben Lewis is a trumpeter, composer, improviser and a driving new force in the Australian Jazz and Experimental...

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  • Gita Kinanthi Purnama Asri

    Gita Kinanthi Purnama Asri

    Gita Kinanthi Purnama Asri Her Last Fullmoon Programe master of art in Indonesian Institute of The Arts Yogyakarta, she live in...

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  • Deden Tresnawan

    Deden Tresnawan

    Deden Tresnawan Abeuheula  born in Bandung, was brought by his parents to watch art performances, as the Parent of Deden...

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  • Yii Kah Hoe

    Yii Kah Hoe

    Yii Kah Hoe Your Bridge, My Doomsday  Yii Kah Hoe is the winner of Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra Forum for Malaysian Composers 2 (2007)...

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  • Chong Keat Aun

    Chong Keat Aun

    Chong Keat Aun Chong Keat Aun is a cross cultural performing artist, radio programmer, deejay, film critic, community art project...

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  • Brendan O’Connor

    Brendan O’Connor

    Brendan O’ Connor Ireland born, Brendan received his accreditation as a professional performer in The Netherlands, and has since settled...

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  • Agus Riyanto

    Agus Riyanto

    Agus Riyanto In 2007 Agus revived the traditional art of Bull-trance (Bantengan) that had been extinct in the city of...

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  • Agung Gunawan

    Agung Gunawan

    Agung Gunawan Born in Central Java, gratuated from the High School of Arts in Yogyakarta, he continued his studies of...

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