Zya Kane

Zya Kane (Australia)

Zya Kane is a performance maker driven by a passion for immersive, participatory experiences that challenge traditional boundaries. With a focus on sensory and immersive practices, she explores the intersection of contemporary performance, community engagement, and the power of play.

Zya’s work encompasses devising, directing, designing, and performing in unconventional spaces, blurring the lines between performer and audience. Committed to fostering collaboration and active involvement, she delves into intimate moments that awaken the senses and imagines new artistic frameworks for diverse participants. Through interdisciplinary training Zya aims to create sensory-rich performance experiences that engage and ignite transformative experiences. (pic by Michelle Donnelly)

sensing Blood lines

(15-20 mins) – performance

Sensing Blood Lines is an exploration through the body, scent, sound, sight, taste and touch to discover ancestral memories, here and now.