Kien Faye Lee

Kien Faye Lee (Malaysia)

Lee Kien Fei (Faye) is a trance practitioner. Javanese trance culture and Malaysian trance culture are both traditional customs he currently focused on. In his ritual’s performance, natural and manmade elements such as water, flower, kemenyan (incense cones), candles, mantras and more are manifested by his body which offer a connection with the space and viewers.

From his training with Tony Yap (Australia/Malaysia) & Agus Riyanto (Indonesia) on the methodology of psycho-physical practice & Bantengan (bull trance) , he confidently shaped himself into a contemporary trance performer. Besides, he works as a tropical fruits farmer at his father’s orchard near Northern Perak, Malaysia. A farmer’s daily routine provides him a great opportunity of grounded training and meditating in mental stability that enables him to balance his living and art practice.

I am Living and I am Living

(10 mins) – performance

“i am living” series revolves around the theme of living. I explore various aspects of life through my body, daily routine, environment and senses to depict the complexities and emotions we experience. I appreciated that #iamliving.

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