Kristine Oma

Kristine Nilsen Oma (Norway)

Kristine Nilsen Oma Is a Norwegian choreographer that has lived with serious ME/CFS, an illness that requires she stays in bed 20 hours every day to avoid strong flu symptoms.

She will be present during the showing of this film and if her health allows, she will be performing a short dance in the response to the film, the audience, and the place of performance. She will also talk about the disease and the challenge of creating art that is sustainable also for her.

Jonatan Ottesen (Norway)

Jonatan Ottesen is an Norwegian documentarist from Northern Norway. The past few years he has specialized in portrait documentaries. Jonatan is now having a premiere on his latest documentary about Kristine Nilsen Oma, and how she can make an fantastic dance performance while having severe ME.

Chronically dancing

(15 mins) – documentary film

This documentry will be followed with an hour forum on the topic of artmaking and pacing in discussion in terms of contemplation and depth of practice.

stop / rest / pace (1 hour) – forum 


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