Komunitas Bangsal Je

Komunitas Bangsal Je (Indonesia)

Sukardi (Pak Koyek) a traditional artist of Ketoprak Tobong, (a traditional Javanese drama performance art). Throughout his life, Pak Koyek has dedicated himself to preserving traditional arts. At this MAPfest 2023 event, with Ratungga Ayu and Iwan Kapit, he will present a repertoire entitled Tundung. A representation of love, sorrow, and loyalty.

Ahmad Ikhwan Susilo known more commonly as Iwan Kapit. A producer, creative director, scriptwriter, and festival director. For the past three years, with Komunitas Bangsal JE and Ketoprak Suryo Budaya he has been the production leader for several repertoires entitled Sungkem (2021), Kurdo (2022), Mbarang Jantur (2022), and Tundung (2023). His also a teacher and literacy activist. Managing Taman Baca for the kampong community since 2008 until now. Will present a collaborative repertoire with Pak Koyek and Yungga.

Tundung (Dumped)

(10 mins) – performance

Tundung is a love story. A classic love story between Panji Asmarabangun and Dewi Sekartaji. It is a tale of sorrow. It is also a form of anger. However, It tells about loyalty too. In the end, the truth is revealed Because of true love. Tundung is a story about love, sorrow, and loyalty.

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