Kathleen Gonzalez

Kathleen Gonzalez Villamizar (Colombia)

Kathleen Gonzalez, ethno-dance writer, artistic director and founder of Tunjos y Cantaros Ethnologic Dance Company and Ethnodanceology Art – a study of dance through the application of a number of disciplines such as anthropology, musicology, ethnomusicology, and ethnography. It proposes ideas in new multi-ethnic phases and stages to encourage future diversity of human’s legacy and expression into this new era.

Kathleen researches contemporary and interactive dance that is emotional, exploring the wisdom and ancestral practices. She addresses terms of decolonisation through a curatorial framework that crossover practices that embrace intergenerational issues to standing up for the rights of universal cohesion and human equity. Kathleen was recently granted art residencies with Regional Arts Victoria CWS 6 months program and also with the Australia Council of Arts, Creative Victoria and Abbotsford Convent PIVOT 2021 Arts Program. She also was granted an Arts Development Project as part of “BARRING YANABUL-YIRRAMBOI” STREET TO STAGE 2019- 2021.




URUS – UROS “Pintoresquísmo”

(20 mins) – performance

Seeding cult where the movement is the paradoxical interweaving through under and upper worlds; Malevolence and benevolence jumping to the original momentum. … A foundation of stone people resides at Chinkana (sacred labyrinth), place of expression and language extinct …

Sat 26 Aug NIGHT – 6.00pm Warehouse