Hoedia Damar Ganing or commonly known as Hoe was born in Kediri – East Java in 1999, a young intellectual artist and contemporary dance creator who has produced various works with high originality. The East Javanese genre (especially: Malangan and Surabayan) becomes the root of many of the brilliant works she has ever created. The manifestations of art forms that Hoe has issued so far have ultimately formed many unique genres or subgenres of the classical idiom genres which have become the basis for her domination (East Java, Surabaya and Malangan). Hoe (apart from being a pure choreographer) is also involved in the world of training, including as: instructor, researcher, adviser, judge, and also an art teacher in several schools. Currently Hoe spends a lot of time at the studio she founded Sarwapalaka.Art

At the Malacca Art Performance and Festival 2023. Hoe presented 2 of her works.Performed solo as a dancer and choreographer entitled Repertoar Tiban – Hiding behind the cracks of Bapang, for some reason I really love the rain ritual.And the appearance of her duet as a dancer and choreographer entitled Tuah Semirang. Generations of times have not understood the meaning of spurs wrapped in feminine scent and noble etiquette, The flower must be rained down through the Tiban ritual. Several works by this monumental female artist have guided her to become a choreographer who is reckoned in Indonesia and on the international stage.

These works are as follow:

Marsudi Olah Boga 2016, Rapuh 2016, Pe-Cut 2019, Le-Cut 2019, Lekat 2022, Tuah Semirang 2023, Repertoar Tiban 2023 Assistant Professor for Performing Arts

Tuah Semirang

(20 mins) – performance
a dance with Monica Widya Amalia

Tuah is result/gift/blessing. And Semirang is called “jarwo dhosok” in Javanese culture. It means a blessing in disguise.