Wojak (Australia)

Wojak is a genderfluid artist whose work crosses the precipice of performative and visual art forms. With a particular interest in site-specificity, durational performance, ritual and altered states, they create visually poetic work that resonates with a visceral depth. Originally from Sydney/Warrane they are now based in Widjabul Wia-bul Bundjalung Country, Northern Rivers NSW.

This multi-disciplinary artist has been has been exhibiting for over 40 years, with work in numerous award exhibitions & featured in private and public collections. Wojak has performed and collaborated at festivals in Australia, Europe and Asia, & designed for large scale events.

A deeply rooted Eastern European sensibility of non-verbal theatre and lush aesthetic meld with ongoing movement & trance explorations to evolve into a hybrid dance based practice in more recent years.



(20 mins) – performance A calligraphic dance


Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 1.54.03 PM