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Gopal Dalami

Gopal Dalami (India)

Born in Delhi, India and Of Nepalese origin, Gopal started his dance education at Voxpop Dancers India in 2010. Who has trained in classical ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop and aerial acrobatic from different national and international teachers. Since 2015, he has...

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Hoedia Damar Ganing or commonly known as Hoe was born in Kediri - East Java in 1999, a young intellectual artist and contemporary dance creator who has produced various works with high originality. The East Javanese genre (especially: Malangan and Surabayan) becomes the root of...
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Kar Kah Chan

Kar Kah Chan (Malaysia)

Kar Kah, Chan (b.1997) is a Malaysian interdisciplinary artist, choreographer, educator, and director of Marrow Collective. Kar Kah was trained in the background of Chinese classical dance, Chinese ethnic folk dance, and contemporary dance at Beijing Normal University. She founded...

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