Sim Hoi Ling

Sim Hoi Ling (Malaysia)

Sim Hoi Ling is an interdisciplinary artist whose praxis is influenced by photographic images, with her subject often revolves around themes of decay. She enjoys exploring unconventional ways of marks-making and has exhibited works in the form of printmaking, media art, installation and performance. Her work was presented at festivals across Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, also collected internationally by collectors from the United States, Canada, Germany and Malaysia. She has been mentioned in Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, Chicago; Antaranews Indonesia; Citizens Journal Malaysia; The Star Malaysia; to name a few.

Under the Sunlight – Series

(15 mins) – exhibition

Chlorophyll printing is an environmental-friendly photographic printing process that utilises chemical reactions between sunlight and chlorophyll pigments to form images on the surface of a plant. Chlorophyll prints are fragile and alive. Leaving it unpreserved, the formed images will alter under the shower of constant sunlight.

In the series of prints, the artist mainly uses weeds as a surface for images to manifest. Associating weeds with the undertone of being wild, unwelcomed and diasporic, the artist further investigates the notion of rootlessness by bringing images of roadkilled animals, abandoned buildings and text materials in street vandalism into chlorophyll printing.

Fri 26 Aug DAYTIME – 3.30pm Warehouse

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