Roger Soong

Roger Soong (Malaysia)

Roger Soong is a self-taught artist inspired by nature. His intricate drawings and paintings explore the possibilities of natural forms being pushed into surreal imagery, loaded with the real and the imaginary. He has also formed solo and group music-based installation and performance projects. In 20I2/I3 he worked collaboratively to present Echo Green for MAPfest - improvised performances with installations at his Baboon House café and St Paul’s Hill. In 20I3 / 20I5 he travelled to Australia to participate in the Malaysian Australian Raft Project, culminating outside the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. MAPfest 20I5 included his Caged performance, suspended high on St Paul Hill.

Abdul Shafig Shafwan bin Abdul Manan – Tying knot with strings & colors thread, creating design curves, spiral, tribals combination with natural gemstones & crystals.

Saufie – MAB I89 is in his preliminary of sound adventure where he favors using a contact microphone, a DIY piezo box combined with modular synth as a medium into realm of sonic exploration. One might question what is the bleep and bloop sound that he made. Is this even a music? As a full time practitioner of non-music music, he suggests that listeners be prepared in their seat as the crude sounds surfacing the frequencies brings you to another destination.


Binding Timbres

2 hours – durational performance

An experimental and durational performance that hope to slow down the audiences’ tempo thru slow binding of ropes by a macrame artist; intertwine with looping electronics music by a sound artist and a real host of the house. They also wish to explore their own existence in the present space in relative to one another with the presence of audiences.

Sat 27 Aug, DAYTIME – 3.00pm Baboon House

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